About us

Magyarhangya, also know as CinefilCo and Hungariant is an independent community based film distribution company specialized in European, Asian and South American features and documentaries. Magyarhangya established itself as a successful and respected art house film distributor in Hungary.

Our mission is to navigate through the sea of content with reliable taste and creative preparedness and to connect film with its audience either in cinemas, bars, open-air screenings or through our VOD partners.

Magyarhangya is a key member of Festival Scope’s audience development initiative Scope50 and Scope100. The Scope projects set off to rethink the acquisition and release processes of independent European films, to educate and stimulate future audiences, to simplify licensing and to discover slick navigation techniques.

In 2015, Scope100 oversaw a hundred arthouse aficianados discussing 10 films’ domestic horizons and vote for one to be subsequently released theatrically. They also become ambassadors for the selected film, Out of Nature in 2015 and Sparrows in 2016. With Creative Europe’s support the initiative paves the way between filmmakers and audience towards a legal and sustainable, yet simple and flexible digital content market. CinefilCo develops Scope100 in collaboration with Aerofilms (Czech Republic), Stadtkino (Austria), Imagine (Belgium), Arthaus (Norway), Soda Pictures (UK) and Gutek Film (Poland).